Squirm The Worm And His Magical Adventures Unearthed

Squirm was always a dreamer, but little did he know his dreams would become real and lead to magical adventures in the biggest city in the world!

Squirm lives deep in the earth but dreams of something more, a world that exists beyond his own. Look beneath the surface and venture with Squirm to experience his underground world and dreams. See his visions of ocean and sky and fun and games. Share the moment when he discovers that directly above his subterranean home exist the greatest place in the world, New York City!

Join Squirm in his first book as he discovers NYC, encounters his first human, Nicolina and makes his first flying friend Orlik the Owl.

A true delight, this soon to be classic tale is set to amazing verse and colorful illustrations that provoke imagination and appreciation for the most important things in life, family, friends and adventure!

Exciting discoveries are ahead, so come along on Squirm’s magical adventures unearthed!