Meet The Characters

Squirm The Worm

Little Squirm has a passion for life and learning. This passion will take him to amazing and exciting places where he will meet new friends and discover a whole new world full of fun and adventure.


Like Squirm, Nicolina loves so many things – reading, school, arts and crafts. Discovering new things always puts a smile on her face. She also loves to help people. Each new person she meets is an opportunity for a new adventure and to make a new friend.

Orlik The Owl

Orlik is quite an interesting fellow. Originally from Norway, he has seen much in his travels.  His new home is hidden inside a nook at the top of the Brooklyn Bridge.  He is happy to share his vast experience and knowledge and finds joy in the simpler things of life. 

Bonita the Parrot

Papa Nino The Pug

Philippe The Pig

Randi The Rabbit

Akeno the Orangutan